Mirza Fakhrul said first of all uncompromising leader of democracy Khaleda Zia has to be freed.

Those who are arrested have to be freed, and false cases filed against 3.5 million people have to be withdrawn, the BNP leader said adding there will be no elections until the demands are met.

Mentioning that the liberation war was fought for the sake of political and economic freedom, Mirza Fakhrul said, "We did not get that freedom. We are entirely confined. We are unable to talk and write. The journalists cannot write anything out of fear. They are sued under the Digital Security Act or in other acts."

Saying that the Awami League government has lost its popularity after coming to power, the BNP top leader said, "They have thought that they would not be able to go to power if elections are held under the caretaker government. So they scrapped that system."

Mirza Fakhrul said, "At the time at a press conference, Khaleda Zia said scrapping the caretaker government system, Bangladesh has been led to uncertainty and instability permanently. That is happening. We are unable to return to stability."

He said the government has politicised all machineries including the judiciary, the administration and the law enforcing agencies. "Even they are trying to politicise the army."

The people of this country will not accept the move to perpetuate the unilateral government, one party rule, authoritarian government system and fascist government in such a way.

Mirza Fakhrul also talks about prime minister Sheikh Hasina's statements on the elections.

He said the prime minister on Friday talked about the elections and asked all of the executive council to take preparation for elections.

"Which elections are you talking about? Is it that election which will only elect you? Or the election in which the voters will not be able to cast their votes, their houses will come under attacks and they will be tortured if they go to polling stations. Is it that election which is occupied the night before the election day. Is it the one that will ensure you go to power. We want to say clearly that that type of election will not be held in Bangladesh," the BNP leader asked.

BNP standing committee member Gayeshar Chandra Roy was the special guest at the meeting presided over by Mohila Dal president Afroza Abbas. The organisation's general secretary Sultana Ahmed moderated it.

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