He urged the government to allow her to go abroad for treatment without further delay. "I urge the government to allow her to go abroad without considering the issue as political one and considering her contributions to the country and its people," said Fakrul.

"Physicians are giving her the best ever treatment here, but her recovery is not possible in the country due to her critical condition. They suggested us names of three countries - the UK, the USA or Germany -- where her treatment is possible," he added.

Khaleda, a 76-year-old former prime minister, was readmitted to Evercare Hospital on 13 November, six days after she had returned home from the hospital.

The BNP chief's physicians said she has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, critical cardiac, kidney ophthalmological and dental complications. The hemoglobin level in her blood has also dropped.

On behalf of the family, Khaleda's younger brother, Shamim Iskander, submitted an application to the home ministry on 11 November urging the government to allow her to go abroad for better treatment.

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