Prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday told the parliament that her government wouldn’t tolerate non-Islamic activities like arson attacks and vandalism in the name of Islam and vowed to take legal actions against those involved in such activities.

“I can only say that legal action will be taken against those responsible for such misdeeds,” said the leader of the house while delivering valedictory speech in the twelfth session of the 11th parliament that was prorogued today after three working days amid a massive surge in the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mentioning that the Hefazat started mayhem when the nation was set to celebrate the golden jubilee of the country’s independence from 17 to 26 March, she said, “Did Hefazat do it alone? The BNP-Jamaat alliance is behind it.”

The PM said it is sure that all the Hefazat men were not involved in the mayhem.

Hefazat men spread a rumour relating to killing people in the Baitul Mukarram Mosque on 26 March and conducted destruction from 26 March to 31 March, she added.

Mentioning that Hefazat men even damaged the holy Quran, Sheikh Hasina questioned what kind of ‘Muslim’ they are.

The prime minister said the BNP and Jamaat have no political ideology as they supported Hefazat in protest against the arrival of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi to attend the golden jubilee celebration of independence but they welcomed Modi when he reached Bangladesh.

The Hefazat has been conducting destruction in the name of Islam while the BNP and Jamaat are giving them patronage.

Referring to Hefazat’s joint secretary general Mamunul Haque’s stay with a woman at a private resort at Sonargaon in Narayanganj (on Saturday), she said that he went to a resort with a woman for entertainment after conducting the mayhem.

She added that the Hefazat leader first introduced the woman with whom he was held as his wife and later he told his real wife (over phone that was leaked last night) that he had to introduce the woman as wife due to the situation arose at that time.

She called upon the Hefazat men to realize what kind of leadership they have.

Describing the Islam as a religion of peace, stability and development, the prime minister said that words like militancy, terrorism and adultery have been added to the Islam due to misdeeds of some people.

She said such kind of activities wouldn’t be acceptable in any way and her government would not tolerate anything which will lead to the destruction of Islam, the best religion of the world.

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