The freedom fighter said Khaleda has the right to go abroad for medical treatment as she is ill. "The rights have to be realised."

He said though all the offices, courts, madrasas and maktabs are now open, general educational institutions still remained closed. "Because the government's intelligence agencies have reports that if the universities and halls are reopened, an anti-government movement can be waged."

Zafrullah slammed the leaders BNP and the 20-party alliance for not taking position in favour of the students seeking the immediate reopening of the universities and dormitories. "What are you (20-party leaders) doing? Why aren't you taking a position in favour of the students?" Don't you wake you up? People's rights will be restored if students 'movement is intensified."

He alleged that the backbone of the nation is being broken by keeping the educational institutions shut as the students are making teen gangs by watching Hindi films.

Zafrullah said Awami League is often making mistakes since prime minister Sheikh Hasina has become 'lonely' as the senior party leaders like Amir Hossain Amu, Tofail Ahmed and Matia Chowdhury are not there beside her.

"As the prime minister has remained confined (to Gonobhaban), Awami League is going to a wrong direction. The boat of the Awami League government is now in a so delicate condition that it'll sink with just a little push."

About the current vaccination programme against COVID-19, Zafrullah appreciated the government for providing people vaccine on its own initiative.

He urged the government not to allow private companies to import the COVID-19 vaccine to ensure quality jabs for people free of charge.

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