On the occasion of the golden jubilee of Bangladesh’s independence, France’s president Emmanuel Macron has sent his felicitations to the president Abdul Hamid and the people of Bangladesh on behalf of himself and the people of his country.

In a letter to the Bangladesh president, president Macron wrote, “On the occasion of the Independence Day of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, I send you, on behalf of myself and the people of France, my warm congratulations.”

He wrote, “Bangladesh is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of its declaration of independence on 26 March. This important date in the history of a young and promising state was made possible thanks to the admirable courage of the Bengali people to defend their cultural heritage and freedom at the call of the Father of the Bangladeshi Nation.”


“Undoubtedly, the late President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, whose 100th birthday we have just celebrated, would have been proud of the achievements of the Bangladeshi nation. Bangladesh indeed deserves our admiration for the progress made in economic and human development, including in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Bangladeshi government and people have shown their generosity by welcoming the Rohingyas forced to flee, once again, Myanmar in 2017.”

“Your country has asserted itself as a responsible power: it is the main provider of troops for the peacekeeping operations in the world; it defends multilateralism and the norms of international law; it is committed to the protection of the environment and access to essential global public services such as health.”

“In 1971, André Malraux called on the world to support the freedom of the Bengalis. Half a century later, Bangladesh can be proud of its achievements, and France remains ready to best meet its needs in the areas of the environment, energy, telecommunications, the blue economy and sovereignty in matters of defence and security, in the spirit of an inclusive, open and secure Indo-Pacific space.”

The French president concluded by renewing his congratulations to president and the people of Bangladesh and expressing his respect.

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