"An inter-ministerial meeting will be held on Sunday. The meeting is expected to decide whether the school students will be vaccinated against Covid-19," he said.

Zahid Maleque went on saying, "We think that the students over 18 can receive any vaccine but in the case of those who're above 12, we've to follow the other countries like the US and the UK where students are given Pfizer and Moderna vaccines."

About 80 per cent teachers and students involved in medical treatment have been brought under vaccination campaigns, the minister added.

Those who are receiving their first jabs will get their second ones from 7 September, and people have been asked to go to their respective vaccination centres to take their shots, he said.

Besides, orders have been placed to collect 165 million doses of vaccines. Of these, 65 million will come from China while the remaining ones will come from the WHO, he said, adding, "The doses will likely arrive in the country within January next."

Zahid said steps are underway to recruit more nurses, and their numbers will be three times higher than the physicians working in the health sector.

"Alongside the physicians, nurses are performing their duties with sincerity and we're trying to recruit more nurses to solve the manpower crisis," he said.

Primary, secondary and higher secondary educational institutions in the country will reopen on 12 September following a prolonged closure, said Education Minister Dipu Moni on Friday.

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