The inquiry committee of the University Grants Commission (UGC) have found allegations to be true regarding Rajshahi University's vice chancellor M Abdus Sohban resorting to nepotism, providing the president with false information, bending the rules to appoint his daughter and son-in-law as teachers at the university, and other irregularities. The committee says the vice chancellor has acted in contradiction to the University Ordinance of 1973. His actions have tarnished the image of the university's highest office. The committee had recommended various steps to be taken against him. After the UGC report was submitted, the Rajshahi University vice chancellor called a press conference on Sunday and termed the inquiry report as biased. Member of the inquiry committee and UGC member Professor Muhammad Alamgir speaks in an interview with Prothom Alo about this matter.


The Rajshahi University vice chancellor has questioned whether it is in UGC's jurisdiction to conduct such an inquiry. Can you legally carry out such an inquiry?

We certain can. He is wrong. He would know that if he had read the UGC Order 1973 where UGC can do anything as directed by the government. So this is above debate.

After the UGC investigations, the Rajshahi University vice chancellor called a press briefing and termed the UGC report as 'biased'. What is your response?

UGC can never conduct biased investigations and never does so. UGC is a regulatory body. It scrutinises all information and evidence and always conducts a neutral inquiry. It has done so this time too.

Does UGC's responsibility end with the submission of the report?

Our duty ends here. The UGC formed the inquiry committee, we conducted the investigations and have submitted the report to him. As convenor of the committee or member, I have to comment on what happens next.

Don't you want action to be taken based on the inquiry report?

Of course we do. If anyone carries out a task with an objective, they will certain want to see results.

Won't you conduct inquiries into the various allegations against the administration of different universities too, other than just Rajshahi University?

There are on-going investigations. Nothing is at a standstill.