'Violence against women is yet another pandemic'

Perpetrators of violence against women remain active under political patronage, commented Badiul Alam Majumdar, secretary of SUJON (Citizens for Good Governance).

He was speaking at a human chain held on Saturday morning in front of the National Museum in the capital. SUJON has declared nationwide human chain programmes, demanding justice for the steady increase in violence against women and punishment of the perpetrators.

Badiul Alam Majumdar went on to say that the coronavirus pandemic has been joined by the pandemic of violence against women. Women are being abused everywhere, from their homes to their workplaces.


Referring to a survey of SUJON, Badiul Alam Majumdar said that they had recently interviewed 135 working women. He said that 100 per cent of them had been victims of sexual harassment in one way or the other. He said, this situation prevails due to the lack of justice. Added to that was political patronage. Some dismiss this, saying that rape happens all over the world. Such an attitude simply encourages these monsters in human guise.

Secretary of National Girl Child Advocacy Forum, Nasima Akhter, said that during this pandemic, men and women should have joined hands to face the crisis. Instead, violence against women and children has increased by 65 per cent from March this year.

The human chain programme was moderated by SUJON's central coordinator Kumar Sarkar. Joining in the human chain were National Girl Child Advocacy Forum, Bikoshito Nari, Youth Ending Hunger, Good Neighbours Bangladesh, Action for Social Development (ASD) and Apon Foundation.