The IMF delegation praised the government's steps in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, he said.

"The different economic challenges have been highlighted including steps to combat climate changes," he said.

The BB spokesperson said that there was no discussion in the meeting regarding credit and financial sector reforms.

There would not be any problem in getting a loan from IMF, Mezbaul said adding that the lender is likely to approve the loan at its 31 January board meeting.

Bangladesh has requested the IMF loan to deal with the dwindling reserves and maintain macroeconomic stability.

The IMF has given its initial approval. The IMF board is expected to give a final go ahead end of this month, according to Bangladesh officials involved in the negotiations.

The first instalment of the loan is likely to be available early February, sources at the central bank said.

The IMF delegation arrived in Dhaka on Saturday to further discuss the issues related to Dhaka's loan request.