According to the Bangladesh Bank (BB), the remittance inflow from the Bangladesh workers in South Korea has increased from US$ 80.65 million to US$ 209.16 million in between 2016-17 and 2020/21 fiscal years.

The South Korean Government suspended accepting foreign workers in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and resumed receiving the expatriates from December 2021.

After the resumption, so far, a total of 339 Bangladesh expatriate workers have traveled to Korea; 111 in December 2021, 130 in January, 2022 and 98 in February 2022, said the South Korean Embassy in Dhaka on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, a total of 108 workers were scheduled to depart, but 10 workers who were found to be Covid-19 positive in the PCR test.

Among the 98 workers, 34 workers were newly employed while the rest of them, 64 were re-entry workers.

Another batch of 130 Bangladesh workers will be sent to Korea in mid-February.

South Korea has been admitting medium and low-skilled foreign workers from 16 countries including Bangladesh through the EPS (Employment Permit System) program.

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