The National Economic Council (NEC) on Thursday approved the highest ever Tk 2,027.21 billion Annual Development Programme (ADP) for the next fiscal year (2019-2020) giving priority to the transport and power sectors, reports UNB.

The approval came at the NEC meeting held at the NEC conference room in the capital with its chairperson and prime minister Sheikh Hasina in the chair.

Of the amount, Tk 1309.21 billion will come from internal resources while the rest of Tk 718 billion from foreign sources, said planning minister MA Mannan while briefing reporters after the meeting.

"We've crossed the ADP landmark of Tk 2,000 billion for the first time," he said.

Besides, a Tk 123.93 billion ADP was approved for different autonomous bodies and corporations. Of the amount, Tk 70.82 billion will come from local sources, while the remaining Tk 53.10 billion from foreign sources, he said.

The proposed ADP size for the next fiscal year is 17.18 per cent higher than the original ADP size of Tk 1,730 billion for the outgoing fiscal year (2018-19). But the revised ADP for the current fiscal year has already come down to Tk 1,670 billion.

With the inclusion of Tk 123.93 billion, the overall ADP size has reached Tk 2,151.14 billion.

In the proposed ADP for the next fiscal year, the transport sector has received the highest allocation of Tk 528.06 billion (26pc of ADP size), while the local government division got the highest allocation as a single ministry or division with Tk 297.76 billion.

A total of 1,564 projects will be financed in the 2019-20 fiscal year. Of these, 1,475 projects will be financed under the main ADP, while the remaining 89 will be financed under the ADP of autonomous bodies and corporations.

The power sector has received the second highest allocation of Tk 260.17 billion (12.83pc) and the physical planning, water supply and housing sector enjoyed Tk 243.24 billion (12pc).

Besides, Tk 213.79 billion has been allocated for the education and religion sector, Tk 175.41 billion for the science and ICT sector, Tk 151.57 billion for the rural economy or rural development and rural institutions, Tk 130.55 billion to the health, population and family welfare, Tk 76.16 billion to the agriculture sector, Tk 56.53 billion to the water resources and Tk 50.24 billion to the public administration sector.

Among government agencies, the power division enjoyed the second highest of Tk 260.14 billion, while the Road Transport and Highways Division got 251.63 billion.

Besides, Tk 159.08 billion was allocated to the science and technology ministry, Tk 125.99 billion to the railways ministry, Tk 99.36 billion to the health services division, Tk 92.70 billion to the Primary and mass education ministry, Tk 89.27 billion to the secondary and higher education division, Tk 85.61 billion to the bridges division and Tk 62.57 billion to the water resources ministry.

ADP implementation rate

The planning minister said the ADP implementation rate over the first 10 months from July 2018 to April 2019 was 54.94 per cent. And Tk 970.30 billion was spent from the original ADP during the period.

The ADP implementation rate was 52.42 per cent during the corresponding period of the previous fiscal year.