The prices of gold in Bangladesh have soared to record high once again within just 13 days of previous record-breaking price.

Bangladesh Jewellers Samity (BAJUS) in a press release on Wednesday night said the prices of 22 carat gold have soared by Tk 4,433 to Tk 77,216 per bhari (11.664 grams).


Besides, prices of per bhari 21 carat gold rose to Tk 27,067 while 18 carat Tk 65,319.

The price for the traditional gold has been fixed Tk 54,996 per bhari.

The BAJUS statement said gold jumped to a record high in the international market due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, fall of US dollar price due to trade war between the US and China, fall of oil price and other economic reasons.

The new prices have become effective from Thursday.

Earlier on 23 June, the jewelers raised prices of the precious yellow metal by Tk 5,825 and another Tk 2,919 on 24 July.