Any significant thought behind starting in Bangladesh? Is there any specific industry in Bangladesh that you would like to work with in future?

The growing digital push is transforming customer behaviour and expectations in Bangladesh. Modern customers want engaging and memorable experiences from brands. We are keen to collaborate with any enterprise looking to augment its customer engagement strategies and diversify its reach. Having said that, BFSI, retail, and services are among the most prominent sectors in Bangladesh. These also comprise the business verticals that are increasingly reaching out to their customers over digital channels, especially in the post-pandemic landscape. We look forward to leveraging our service suite to unlock improved customer experiences and better recall value for our clients in Bangladesh by helping them acquire new customers while engaging and re-engaging their existing customers using a personalized approach over the communication channel of their choice.

Would you tell us about the cost-effectiveness of your solutions?

Infobip's product suite provides customers with a comprehensive picture of their portfolio while giving them complete control over their operations via a simple and powerful user interface. Our AI-enabled SaaS products are incredibly simple to use and can be implemented without any additional hardware. Enterprises can, therefore, optimize the costs as well as the effectiveness of their communication operations without investing heavily in setting up a tech infrastructure. Moreover, the practicality, seamlessness, and customisation of our solution portfolio make Infobip the preferred brand communication partner among our clients. We aim to continue to raise the bar even higher.

What solutions do you offer to improve Security and Client Trust for financial institutions?

Recently we launched the Mobile Identity solution that enables businesses to authenticate users' identities by confirming their phone numbers unobtrusively and safely. Now, a mobile user no longer needs to wait for an OTP or a phone call from the operator to install or log in to a secure application since verification happens at network level with the carrier. We also provide a robust firewall ‘sGate’, and recently acquired top firewall provider Anam to bolster that capability. sGate works as a “gatekeeper” to an operator’s network, monitoring and filtering SMS, USSD, and HLR, and detecting abnormal traffic flows indicating fraudulent activity.

Where do you visualize Infobip in a decade from now?

It is no secret that business interactions and strategies across the globe are constantly enhancing and evolving with time. Modern businesses are utilising new technology and innovations to meet the present and developing demands of their customers. In this scenario, we as a global omnichannel platform have the responsibility to cater to the multi-layered requirements and issues of our clients with our CCaaS, CPaaS, and SaaS-based solutions. The future of business communication is omnichannel, connected, and empathetic. Aligned with this development, we are committed to consistently innovating to broaden our reach and service offerings to better serve organisations across a wide range of use cases and sectors. Moving ahead, we envisage assisting digital-native businesses in delivering engaging, empathetic, and memorable user experiences at every step of the engagement journey.

What are your competitive advantages?

Our key advantages consist of the largest reach of any communications platform available today, stemming from our direct relationship with over 700+ mobile network operators worldwide. We also provide the widest range of channels available through one single interface, complemented by a vast global reach. This means that support is never centralised; instead, we provide help at a local level. We are committed to assisting businesses to improve their communication strategies and reach out to their customers over the right channel, at the right time, with the right content. The pandemic has ushered in a paradigm shift in corporate practices. Digital has now become an integral aspect of any business's infrastructure to the point that it is now no longer feasible or practical to reverse the momentum of digitisation. Digital lines are blurring quicker than one can imagine, 2021 is about exponential growth. We've positioned ourselves in such a manner that we are equipped – both experientially and technologically – to empower brands across sectors to innovate while delivering personalized, empathetic, and omnichannel experiences to their customers.


How have you planned the times ahead, keeping the pandemic challenges in mind?

Customer experience was, is, and will always remain at the heart of every brand conversation. The post-pandemic world is rapidly advancing towards a more connected and engaging online space, making it crucial for brands to develop an interesting digital profile and reach out to their customers on their favourite online platforms. Businesses will need to think out of the box and increasingly rely on tech to achieve optimal results. Because of our extensive local network, a tech-based service suite, years of expertise, and an innovation-centric attitude, we are equipped to help discerning brands deliver connected, engaging, and memorable customer experiences over their preferred channels.

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