As per the new rate, price of 22 carat gold will be Tk 78,382 a bhori, while the price of 21 carat Tk 74,883, and 18 carat Tk 64,152. Besides, the price of traditional (sanatan) category of gold will be Tk 53,879, and price of 21 carat (cadmium) silver has been fixed at Tk 991 per vari.

The gold prices till Wednesday were Tk 79,548 (22 carat), Tk 75,933 (21 carat), Tk 65,085 (18 carat), and Tk 54,238 (traditional).

So, the price of 22 carat, 21 carat, 18 carat and traditional category gold dropped by Tk 1,166, Tk 1,050, Tk 933 and Tk 759 respectively.

Jewellers last slashed gold price by Tk 2,916 a bhori before the price hit a record high at Tk 82,464 a bhori.

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