As per the estimate, the bulk import of refined petroleum will cost an estimated Tk 84.17 billion (8417.23 crore) and that will come from PTTT of Thailand, ENOC of United Arab Emirates, Petrochina, BSP of Indonesia, PTLCL of Malaysia and UNIPEC of China.

The committee approved 13 procurement proposals from different ministries.

Of these, there is a proposal from the Bangladesh Hi-tech Park Authority to award a Tk 12.05 billion (1205.18 crore) contract to Indian company LARSEN & TOUBRO Limited to set up eight steel structure multipurpose buildings in eight districts.

Three proposals of the Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB) got the nod of the committee. Under these, the BREB will procure 32,400 PC poles from Joint Venture of (1) Charka SPC Poles Ltd.; (2) Dada Engineering Ltd and (3) Confidence Infrastructure Ltd at Tk 313.6 million (31.36 crore) while another 32,396 SPC poles will be procured from Joint Venture of (1) Charka SPC Poles Ltd; (2) Confidence Infrastructure Ltd. and (3) Poles and Concrete Ltd at Tk 313.5 (31.35 crore).

The BREB will procure 130,040 distribution transformers from TS Transformers Ltd involving Tk 719.9 (71.99 crore).

Seven proposals of the Ministry of Shipping received the CCPP approval.

Of these, Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) placed 5 proposals to award contracts for digging in the Punorbhaba River while one proposal was from Chattagram Port Authority to procure two tag boats from CHEOY LEE SHIPYARDS LTD, Hong Kong at Tk 1.88 billion (188.39 crore) and another was from Mongla Port Authority to procure two tag boats from the same company at Tk 2.22 billion (222.89 crore).

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