OPPO A54 has been given a sleek outlook with an even sleeker touch thru its 3D rainbow colour design body which is called 3D delicate design. The premium back cover design and 0.2mm-thinned mid-frame come together in a delicately crafted 3D body that carries a sleeker feeling in your palm.

OPPO A54 is available in two colour with an eye-catching mystique blue with sparkles of mirrored light called “Starry Blue” and precision deriving gives this dark yet shining black a reflective, luxurious look called “Crystal Black”.

OPPO A54 equipped with a 5000mAh long-lasting battery, 18W fast-charging feature to enjoy the power that lasts entire day. OPPO A54 lets you get the most from ultra-large battery relentlessly giving you up to 19.9 hours of online video streaming and 41 hours of uninterrupted musical entertainment.

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