Grameenphone online etiquette campaign on cyber issues

Grameenphone, as a leading connectivity partner in Bangladesh, believes responsible behaviour on online space can help safeguard our digital future. To create awareness, Grameenphone has relaunched the online etiquette awareness drive, 'Internet er Duniya'e Jante Hobe, Kothay Apnar Thamte Hobe' (In the world of the Internet, you have to know where to draw the line). The campaign aims to evaluate and address the immense possibilities and challenges lying in the internet sphere beyond our understanding.

The campaign focused on our nation's five different cyber issues during the current times – fake profiles, rumours, personal information, online bullying, and online harassment. It depicts a striking message of how certain people around the nation have been exploiting human/emotional vulnerabilities to spread fake rumours about the virus and its vaccines.


The campaign focused on the overlooked aspects of how people's behaviour differs from the digital world to the real world. It also portrayed how people share personal information freely online when they never do that in the real world. It raises questions of why certain people's traits change in the digital world when that individual does not commit such actions in the physical world.

On top of it, the initiative again focuses on cyberbullying and online harassment, which seemed to have increased during the pandemic. Around 1/3 of the middle school students reported dealing with cyberbullying at least once a week to daily, and girls are getting cyberbullied three times more than boys.


Sajjad Hasib, Chief Marketing Officer of Grameenphone, said, “The internet provides people means of entertainment, access to a vast amount of data, freedom of speech, an outlet for spreading information to a massive virtual audience, and several other things. The world of the internet knows no bounds and possibilities here are endless. However, with incredible ease of access to these powerful advantageous privileges, ignorance or lack of caution may undoubtedly cause distress in our lives. Hence, it has become vital for everyone to understand the do’s and don’ts of the way people should navigate the digital world safely and securely as we believe it is possible if we want.”

He also added, “Our last campaign got enormous positive response in making the nation more aware on the aspects of internet safety and as a connectivity partner of the nation, we also share the responsibility of making the nation more cautious.”


It is essential to have open dialogues about the potential risks on the Internet. Parents need to familiarize themselves with the online landscape to measure the endless possibilities of exploring the Internet and simultaneously know the potential risks associated with it. To facilitate the process, Grameenphone developed a parent's guide in partnership with UNICEF and Telenor. Additionally, since 2014, the company has been conducting outreach programs nationwide to create awareness and understanding of a safer internet environment for children and sensitize parents, guardians, and teachers.

Additionally, the Child Helpline 1098 provides support on any child safety issues, including online safety. Grameenphone conducts year-long campaigns on social platforms to generate awareness.