This roundtable took place during the MWC2022 in Barcelona. As part of its efforts to create a greener and more sustainable digital world, Huawei will increase investment in sustainable green solutions, leveraging clean power generation, electric transportation, and smart energy storage, to support the Asia Pacific region’s goals of cutting carbon emissions, promoting renewable energy, and contributing to a circular economy, according to Jay Chen, Vice President of Huawei Asia Pacific. Through advances like these, the ICT industry is able to help other industries reduce their own carbon footprints.


"'In Asia Pacific, for Asia Pacific’ is our commitment. At Huawei, we are working closely with carriers and partners from around the world to explore solutions that help make life better, businesses smarter, and society more inclusive. We’d also love to share how our ICT technology is helping make the world a greener, more sustainable place. Together, we can light up the future," said Jay Chen.

In 2021, Huawei support for the digital ecosystem in the Asia Pacific and shared that it would invest $50 million to develop 500,000 digital talents for the Asia Pacific in the next 5 years, and would invest US$100 million over three years to cultivate the startup ecosystem in the region.

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