Popular short video creation and sharing app Likee has arranged a number of campaigns for users on the occasion of Independence Day to be celebrated on 26 March.

The campaign, which started on 19 March, will continue till 26 March.

Likee users can avail this opportunity to demonstrate their inner talent. The activities include different hashtag campaigns such as #DeshKeJano, #RoarLikeTiger, , #IndependenceDay2021 drama challenge, and #ShadhinNach, says a press release.

Actor Siam, actresses Toya and Moushumi will be a part of the campaigns.

#DeshKeJano challenge involves national knowledge Q & A Sticker, there are generic statements related to sports, geography, liberation war, and celebrities of Bangladesh, which can be answered in ‘This’ or ‘That’ format. With every statement, there are two options - false or true. Once participants are done with one statement, the next statement will pop up. In this way, they will keep on answering as much as they can within 15-30 seconds at best.


The #RoarLikeTiger campaign will involve AI Face + Tiger Training. Users can take photos with virtual tigers. When users open their mouths, they will trigger the effect of ‘tiger opens their mouths + user’s aiface’ to finish the photos, the press release adds.

The #IndependenceDay2021 challenge, which is a short drama competition inspired by the awareness message “Do not misuse your freedom”.

As part of the competition, users can make short drama focusing on instances of misuse of freedom to raise awareness among users to make the most responsible use of freedom.

As part of the #ShadhinNach challenge, users can select a patriotic song, get dressed in red and green, and perform a dance routine in an appropriate and respectful manner. This will add the fun element to the whole range of activities.

Likee’s head of operations in Bangladesh Joy said, “We have arranged a variety of campaigns ahead of the Independence Day that will encourage our users to demonstrate respect for the spirit of independence by utilising their latent skills in a fun and exciting manner, which will also encourage them to become more knowledgeable about the history of Bangladesh’s independence.”

The press release says that one best short drama creator participating in the #IndependenceDay2021 challenge, adjudicated by Likee official team, will have the opportunity to win a motorbike.