The company also gave an overview of the future-proof Wi-Fi 6 advanced technology framework for wireless production networks.

Cutting-edge network technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), wireless, cloud and artificial intelligence (AI), and enhanced campus networks are playing significant roles in expediting digital transformation.

Huawei's CloudCampus 3.0 Solution is equipped with new features in four aspects – wireless, wired, WAN interconnection, and intelligent O&M.

"In the era where all things are getting connected intelligently, ubiquitous high-quality connections are crucial to enterprises’ business intelligence and also foundational for their digital services," said Li Xing, president of the campus network domain at Huawei's Data Communication Product Line.

The three unique wireless capabilities – dynamic-zoom smart antenna, AI roaming, and intelligent multimedia scheduling – empower enterprises to build a fully wireless network that delivers a continuous experience, according to a media release.

Another upgrade is Huawei's "Solar System" Solution, which will help enterprises build a fully wireless network for intelligent buildings. All-new NetEngine AR6710 gateway will ensure fast, secure, and reliable cloud access.

Huawei also integrated a large number of AI capabilities into its iMaster NCE to improve campus network O&M efficiency and enhance experience throughout the entire lifecycle.

In the past few years, Wi-Fi 6 has gained popularity in enterprise markets. But it still cannot fully meet the demands for ultra-low latency of less than 10 ms.

To solve this problem, Huawei went beyond Wi-Fi 6 and launched a future-proof Wi-Fi 6 advanced technology framework, extending Wi-Fi from enterprise workplaces into production environments.

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