Huawei has provided fintech mobile money core solution and E2E solution, including high-reliability hardware as well as large-scale capacity software to bKash, which have enabled them to integrate the system with other ecosystems and catalyse their financial services.

To that end, in recognition of such top-notch tech support and the best service to add value for bKash, Huawei has been honoured with this award.

This award is a reflection of the successful partnership between bKash and Huawei to enhance people’s lives with an improved digital money experience.

Azmal Huda, chief product and technology officer at bKash, said, “For us at bKash, quality comes first. That’s why we always collaborate with world-renowned ICT solution providers to ensure the safety and security of our services.”

“Huawei has been a trusted and very dedicated partner in our growth journey as they have always offered timely support and cutting-edge technology for bKash so that we can ensure better services to our customers,” he added.

Dongjian Xu, CTO, Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited, shared, “Customer Centricity has been always in our core value. As a strategic partner of bKash, we have always strived to provide not only the best software solutions and technology but also services to bring greater value to our society. This recognition from bKash will inspire us to look for more integrated solutions and services further,”

Huawei is the leading supplier of MFS/DFS solution across the globe, which offers a fully virtualized and cloud-native implementation of mobile wallet core. The extensive research and development capabilities of Huawei enable MFS to deliver enhanced user experience and superior manageability.

Huawei is proud to serve 80 per cent of the top tier MFS/DFS operators in the world and bKash is certainly among those at the top.

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