Environment, forest and climate change minister Md Shahab Uddin attended the seminar as chief guest and Walton Hi-Tech Industries chairman SM Nurul Alam Rezvi and vice-chairman SM Shamsul Alam as special guests.

Speakers at the event said the ozone layer is a blessing for the world and animals. It is the filter of the earth. But the use of harmful chemicals and gases has been depleting the layer.

The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer was signed in 1987. Bangladesh is one of the signatories to the protocol.

Under the protocol, the country is working on controlling the use of about 100 ozone-depleting substances.

Speaking as the chief guest, Shahab Uddin appreciated the various initiatives taken by Walton to protect the ozone layer.

Deputy minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change Begum Habibun Nahar said, “Walton is ahead of others in protecting the ozone layer and the environment.”

Walton Hi-Tech Industries chairman SM Nurul Alam Rezvi urged the government to make the star rating system mandatory for all locally produced as well as imported air conditioners to ensure an environment-friendly atmosphere through the use of energy-efficient products, according to a media statement.

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