Having its presence across 68 countries, touching the lives of 440 million users around the world, inclusivity has been a central theme in the creation of ColorOS 12.

Building on top of OPPO's Infinite Design concept, which is lightweight, clean and richly and very customizable, the new OS provides a more inclusive experience and comes packed with softer icons, animations and information framework that are friendly to different languages and cultures, and an adaptable framework with different phone formats.

Smoother, Seamless Experience 

Giving users a smooth, seamless experience has been at the core of OPPO R and D and Innovation, and the new ColorOS 12 emphasizes on both -comfort and endurance.

Thanks to the long-term code decoupling efforts, ColorOS 12 has made some achievements in addressing lags and stutters after prolonged usage, especially in anti-fragmentation and intelligent resource allocation, leading to a low 2.75 per cent system aging rate in 3 years, an average of 30 per cent lower memory occupation and 20 per cent lower battery consumption.

Prioritized Privacy 

OPPO has been listening to its user feedback and prioritizing privacy on ColorOS.

The ColorOS 12 not only comes packed with all the improved security and privacy features from Android 12, including Privacy Dashboards, Approximate Location Sharing and Microphone and Camera Indicators, which empowers users to be the masters of their own privacy with clear, visualized menus and buttons; but also keeping the well-received features developed within the OPPO team, such as Private System, Private Safe, App Lock and others.

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