Showbiz legends have expressed grief and respect to her memory
Showbiz legends have expressed grief and respect to her memory

Sarah Begum Kabori, the actress who ruled as the silver screen's sweetheart for decades, has lost her battle against Covid-19 on Friday night. She laid to eternal rest on Saturday. The entertainment legends expressed grief and paid respect to her memory.

She was a powerful actress

Sujata, actress

To me, Kabori was a powerful actress. She acted perfectly. Personally she was outspoken that’s why many misunderstood her. She criticised a person's good and bad sides directly and I liked that very much.

As an actress she was unrivaled in highlighting real characters on screen. She easily adjusted to any character that’s why she was a successful actress. I worked with her as an assistant artiste.


We both started acting in films around the same time. She was an open-minded person. I remained in contact with her even after she was elected member of parliament.

Everyone will have to leave the world one day. Even so, Kabori's departure is an irreparable loss.

Never imagined she would leave us this way

Suchanda, actress

Kabori and I acted in two films together and now I am reminisce those days. We have countless memories. We both entered the film world through the renowned filmmaker Subhash Dutta.

When I first heard about her being admitted to hospital with Covid-19, it seemed she would recover and return to us. I never imagined she would leave us this way.

I couldn’t calm myself the whole day after hearing the news of her death. She was very talented artiste. I found her remarkable in the films of rural settings. The characters in the story seemed to be created for her. She was also a good persons. Her departure has caused us irreparable loss.


Kabori would value us even though we were new

Alamgir, actor

Kabori had two sides. Firstly, she was an actress and secondly a great human being. I hardly have the audacity to talk about actress Kabori. She was such a talented actress, I am nowhere near her. As a human being, she was incredible. As an outspoken person, she never hesitated to speak the truth. She would adore us, love us.

When we entered the film world, we were not given any attention, but she stood beside us. Once I went to Cumilla on a film shoot. Cinematographer Mahfuz and I were given some bed sheets and a place to sleep in the verandah.

Kabori noticed the matter. The next day she handed over some money to the production manager to arrange beds and mattresses for us.

Couldn’t sleep a second that night

Babita, actress

Kabori Apa was an extraordinary artiste. She will be immortalised in the memory of millions. With her demise, a golden chapter of Bangladesh has come to an end. This void will not be filled. In fact, legends never die.

I acted with her in a film titled ‘Surjo Kha’ for the last time. Director Gazi Mahbub wanted to have Kabori Apa in this historical movie. Apa was parliamentarian at that time.

I requested her saying, Apa we will do the work together. Apa couldn't refuse me even though she was busy. We had many chats at that time. I would take food for Apa. She adored me very much. When I heard that Apa is no more, I could not sleep for a second that night.

Great friend, best human being

Sabina Yasmin, singer

We have been friends for about 52 years. Kabori was a wonderful friend and the best human being. And as an actress I have nothing to say about her talent. There is only one Kabori. We have loads of memories. We used to call each other as ‘tumi’. We visited many places together. We would often exchange our saris.

How can I talk about her in just a few words? Sometimes she would lament when talking to me, saying "What is this 'corona' that has come down to this world? I am suffocating at home." Occasionally she would take a drive to Hatirjheel to relax. I would say, don't go out too much.

Kabori used to say, tell me what to do. It is difficult for me to spend my time. I don't have many friends. What else I can say about the actress Kabori?

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