Singer Dilruba Khan claims 100m as compensation from Shakib Khan
Singer Dilruba Khan claims 100m as compensation from Shakib KhanFile photo

Singer Dilruba Khan has filed a complaint against Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan under section 23 of the Digital Security Act seeking compensation over copyright violation.

Wolora Ashfaque and Associates has filed the formal complaint on behalf of the artiste.

Shakib was accused of using parts of a song sung by Dilruba in his film ‘Password’ and in a commercial internet package of a mobile phone operator without any permission, lawyer Wolora Afrin told Prothom Alo.


The lawyer said five officials of a mobile phone operator were also accused in the complaint.

Dilruba recorded her ‘Pagol Mon’ song in 1990s. Ahmed Kaisar was the lyricist while Ashraf Udas was the composer. Dilruba said three of them have copyright to the song.


Dilruba Khan alleged that Shakib Khan used part of her song in the film ‘Password’ without any permission. Once she came to know about it, she consulted her lawyer and filed the law suit.

Lawyer Wolora Afrin said, “Before filing the complaint suit under the Digital Security Act, we sent a legal notice. We requested a dispute resolution, but he did not agree. So, we filed the complaint for violating copyright seeking compensation of Tk 100 million. Shakib asked said why they should be recompensed for using two lines of a song. “

“But, I want to say whether it’s about two lines or two words – those have been used without permission. We talked to Shakib Khan before lockdown, but they didn’t take it into account.

“The song was composed by an Indian music director. The song has drawn 18 million views online. Many times we tried to resolve the matter, we did not get any response.”

Asked about the matter, Dilruba said, “The lawyer wanted to talk with Shakib Khan, but he did not paid any heed. He even didn’t take any verbal permission. We came to know about the song after releasing the film. I’ve complained and wanted justice for it.”

‘Pagol Mon’ song of Shakib’s film ‘Password’ was released in May of the last year. Indian music director Lincoln directed the song and composed it. Ashok Singh recorded the song. The song has been viewed 19 million times on Yutube till today (Sunday) evening.