“I would love to do a horror film at some point. I can’t watch them, I’ll never be able to see it but I want to be in it,” Johansson explained at the awards red carpet.

The mom to two kids quipped that the evening’s lifetime achievement honour sparked some fear in her real life.

“I thought, ‘Wait, am I done? Is this over for me?’” Johansson joked. “I thought this was the end of something, and now I’m realizing it’s middle and that’s OK.”

The Marvel star also reflected on her impressive film career and said, “I really have been very, very fortunate to have worked with some of my most favourite filmmakers,” Johansson gushed.

“I think I’m most proud of those creative, collaborative situations. I’ve had incredible co-stars. I just feel very lucky to love my job and love what I do and still have a passion for it,” she added.

The Golden Globe winner also admitted that she found producing “very different” from acting and that she will “never not be” an actor.

“But I have to say producing is very rewarding,” she added.

As per E! News, Johansson, who is married to Saturday Night Live star Colin Jost, credited her family for constantly inspiring her.

“I have two wonderful children and I think it’s really important for both of them to see their parents are fulfilled and that are doing the work that they love and are following their dreams and are passionate about what they do. I think that’s really meaningful for them,” Johansson concluded.

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