Azizul Hakim
Azizul HakimProthom Alo

Actor Azizul Hakim has resumed acting recently, after winning his struggle against coronavirus. He is now shooting the telefilm ‘Shorno Manob-4’. It will aired by four television channels simultaneously on the occasion of International Customs Day. The veteran actor spoke to Prothom Alo about his shooting and different issues on Sunday.


You have begun working again. Have you recovered fully?

I consulted the physician on Saturday evening. He checked my reports and said I am fine. Haemoglobin falls after COVID-19 so he gave some diet advice on my diet.

How did you manage to act the in telefilm ‘Shorno Manob-4’ after such an illness?

“I stood in front of the camera with mental strength. The shooting unit ensured maximum health protection and that have me courage to act. I’ve also worked with the telefilm writer Moinul Khan before and he said this character can’t be played without me. He also assured me that health security and protection would be ensured. And in the meantime, the physician said if I stay at home all the time, it may cause depression. I should go out sometimes and work on the stories I like. However, I must maintain health protection and it’s also a part of my recovery. He also warned not to mix with too many people and also always to wear a mask outside.


How has the shooting experience been?

I play a detective character in the telefilm. I had four scenes. Each was done maintaining health rules. The environment of the shooting unit really impressed me.

You were acting several other serials.

Those have all been postponed. ‘Golmal’ and ‘Bakulpur’ were held up because shooting couldn’t take place due to my illness. The director has contacted me. He has ensured special arrangements for my shooting. Now I’ve changed in my schedule. I will not work late night anymore. I want to lead a systemic life.

Has COVID-19 made you more conscious?

In fact, yes, it did. We would forget to look after ourselves while working. After the COVID-19 experience, I’ve become conscious and more disciplined on health issues.


How do you spend your time at home?

I’ve been reading a lot, spending time with my son. My daughter also comes often and I chat with her. My wife (Zeenat Hakim) was also ill. I’m spending time with her time too.


Whose books have you read?

I have read Hasan Azizul Haq’s ‘Phire jai, phire ashi’ and ‘Ei puraton akhor guli’, a collection of interviews by Hayat Mahmud and other books by Mohammad Bari and Harishankar Jaladas. Nowadays I read a lot.

Who are your favorite writers?

Hasan Azizul Haq, Shawkat Ali, Selina Hossain, Harishankar Jaladas, Shahaduzzaman and Nasreen Jahan are my favorites.


You once wrote a book. Do you still write?

I’ve started writing on my coronavirus experience. I had a habit of writing stories. I don’t have that urge like before. I write occasionally. A book of nine stories of mine was published in 2012. Plots don’t always come to mind. However, coronavirus has given me several excellent ideas and I’m writing a story about this. It will deal with my feelings, interactions with my daughter, son-in-law and my physician nephew, and my physical and mental health.

Do you have any other plans in the offing?

My son-in-law owns Dream Weaver and they are interested in making a five-minute docudrama on me and Zeenat. We will film it during a trip to a resort. The docudrama will feature the story of our happy life.