2. Again My Life

Based on a webtoon of the same name by Lee Hae-Nal, ‘Again My Life’ is about a character named Kim Hee-Woo played by Lee Joon-Gi. When Kim Hee-Woo was a high school student, his academic grades ranked at the bottom of his school. Through hard work, he entered a university and eventually passed the bar exam. He now works as an enthusiastic prosecutor. While investigating a corrupt politician, Hee-woo gets mysteriously killed by an unknown assailant. However, he unexpectedly gets a second chance to do things right when he is brought back to life.The series also stars Kim Ji-eun as Kim Hee-ah, the genius daughter of a conglomerate family, and Jung Sang-hoon as Lee Min-soo, Kim’s close friend and trusted ally.The drama started airing from April 8 on SBS.

3. From Now, Showtime!

“From Now, Showtime!” is a comedy mystery drama about a famous and charismatic magician named Cha ChaWoong (Park HaeJin), who can summon ghosts. He is not afraid of the ghosts and he even tells them what to do. With his unusual skill set, he becomes involved with a female police officer named Go SeulHae (Jin Ki Joo), who is enthusiastic about her work and has supernatural powers too. Together they try to solve cases together with the help of the ghosts. On the other side, Jung Joon Ho plays the character of Choi Geom, a god who has been protecting Cha ChaWoong’s family for generations. The drama will start airing from 23 April on MBC.


4. The Killer’s Shopping List

Based on a novel penned by writer Kang Ji-young, ‘The Killer’s Shopping List’ is a thriller about a supermarket cashier Dae-sung (Lee Kwang Soo) with a great memory and observation skills who gets involved in solving crimes in an ordinary neighborhood.The story kicks off when a body is discovered in the vicinity of a particular apartment building, and a supermarket receipt becomes a key piece of evidence in the police’s pursuit of the murderer. Their only tangible clue in the case is a receipt that was issued at their store. Kpop girl group AOA member Seolhyunalso stars opposite LeeKwang-Soo as the character Do Ah-hee, a passionate police officer and Dae-sung’s longtime girlfriend who is also directly involved in the investigation. The drama will only have about 8 episodes and will start airing on April 27.


5. Monstrous

Penned by Train To Busan and Hellbound director Yeon Sang-ho, the supernatural thriller, ‘Monstrous’ follows archaeologists as they attempt to unveil a strange mystery. It tells the tale of the village of Jinyang County, whose people are lured in by a curse from a mysterious entity, subsequently getting swept up by disaster after uncovering the possessed statue.It stars Koo Kyo-hwan (D.P.) as eccentric archaeologist Jung Ki-hoon, who specializes in researching supernatural phenomena and runs an occult YouTube channel. Meanwhile, Shin Hyun-bin portrays the role of his ex-wife and cryptanalyst Lee Soo-jin, who returns to Jinyang County after losing her only daughter. It will start airing from 29 April and has 6 episodes.


So, which drama you are going to start watching to relive yourself from daily stress?

Rumaiysa M Rahman is a 10th grader at Viqarunnisa Noon School and College, Dhaka

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