“Under Italian Law, I cannot discuss the evidence. That said, I am confident that all allegations will be dismissed against Mr. Haggis,” Haggis' personal attorney Priya Chaudhry said in a statement to the media. Chaudhry added Haggis was innocent and would cooperate with authorities.

Haggis wrote "Million Dollar Baby" and co-wrote and directed "Crash", both of which he won an Oscar for.

Haggis was in Ostuni to hold several master classes at the Allora Fest, a new film event being launched by Los Angeles-based Italian journalist Silvia Bizio and Spanish art critic Sol Costales Doulton that is set to run in Ostuni from 21 June to 26 June.

The Allora Fest said they “learned with dismay and shock the news that Paul Haggis is in custody for alleged violence.” It added that the festival's directors “immediately proceeded to remove any participation of the director from the event.”

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