The 54-year-old singer faces the possibility of decades in prison, an attorney for Kelly told CNN they are considering filing an appeal and are disappointed in the verdict. Kelly’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for 4 May, 2022.

The verdict followed a trial that began on 18 August and included 50 witnesses. In the trial, Kelly faced federal counts of human trafficking, racketeering, child pornography, kidnapping and forced labour.

The ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ singer allegedly asked his victims to follow numerous rules in which they “were not permitted to leave their room without receiving permission, including to eat or go to the bathroom,” were “not permitted to look at other men” and “were required to call Kelly ‘Daddy.’”

Kelly was also accused of “engaging in sexual activity with girls under 18 years old,” failing to disclose “a sexually transmitted disease Kelly had contracted” and producing child pornography by requesting that underage girls send him photographs.

The music star denied all allegations against him and pleaded not guilty. During the trial, the prosecution sought to prove that not only is Kelly a predator, but his team has long enabled his behaviour.

This verdict comes 13 years after Kelly was acquitted of child pornography charges in Illinois. He faces further charges in Illinois. He also faces charges in other states including Minnesota.

In January 2019, Lifetime released the docuseries titled ‘Surviving R. Kelly’, which brought renewed attention to the allegations against the singer and prompted calls for an official investigation.

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