'No time to think about the past'


Dhallywood star Shakib Khan is all set to begin the shooting for his new film 'Vaijan Elo Re' in Kolkata. Prior to his departure, the actor talked to Prothom Alo about his work and private life.

When will the shooting of 'Vaijan Elo Re' begin?
It will start on 3 March. The first phase of the film, which spans a week, will be shot in Kolkata. The rest will be shot in Bangladesh and the UK. Joydeep Mukherjee, the director of 'Shikari', will direct this film, too.

Do you think this film will enjoy as much success as 'Shikari'?
'Shikari' made quite a stir both at home and abroad. So I hope the same maker-hero-heroine combo will be a big hit again.

Your film 'Ami Neta Hobo' is running in more than a hundred theatres across the country. How is the feedback?
The songs of the movie became hits. As far as I know, the producer has already taken home his investment. If proficient and experienced technicians work in such films, the viewers will appreciate that more.

What is your plan for now?
I need a break now to settle myself. I need some time to prepare myself for a work of international standard. I am thinking of working only targeting the festivals. But before that I will have to finish the ongoing tasks.

A good actor should read regularly and watch movies a lot. Do you have that habit?
I cannot manage time to read books due to the workload. However, I do watch a lot of films. I spend the time on the flights to watch movies. I have watched the trailers of recent movies like 'Aynabaji', 'Dhaka Attack', 'Haldaa', 'Gohin Baluchar' on YouTube. During Eid I go to the cinema halls to watch my films.

You had announced to make a film titled 'Piya Re' under the banner of your production house SK Films. However, it did not see the light. What about the newly announced 'Priyotoma'?
The work of 'Priyotoma' has started. I have not worked in such a movie before. From my busy schedule I took three long hours to listen to the script. So, I want to take some time and then give my best.

Anything about your divorce with Apu Biswas?
I do not want to say anything about it. This is something from the past. I don't want to waste my time brooding over the past. Now, I want to work on good films and take the industry forward.