Shakib Khan on his Eid venture ‘Password’

Shafiq Al Mamun | Update:

Shakib KhanProthom Alo: What are you expecting from your new venture, ‘Password’?

Shakib Khan: Expectations are so high. But, film connoisseurs may not like it. Only those who love Bangla films will enjoy it. I hope this film of a dying industry will help bring people back to the cinema halls.

PA: What makes you so confident?

SK: It’s an Eid film. It is made for Eid and made on an Eid budget. The songs were shot in Turkey where Bollywood films are often shot. The best technicians have worked for this film.

PA: You said the industry is dying. Then why have you taken such a risk with your film?

SK: I made the ‘Hero-The Superstar’ in 2014 when the state of the industry was so terrible. Dhaka then had just started the digital movies and the cinemas were not equipped for this. Film budgets went down to 6 to 7 million taka. At that time, I made the film costing 25 million taka. And after its release, it was a blockbuster.

PA: Three songs of ‘Password’ have already drawn public attention.

SK: I’ve earlier said everything in this film centers Eid. So I didn’t compromise over the budget. The shooting was in expensive locations in Turkey. India’s famous choreographer Baba Yadav has directed the choreography in this film. The three songs cost 10 million. That's why the songs are being discussed positively by the public already.

PA: From now on, will you produce films regularly from your house?

SK: This is my duty as the industry is dull. I want to produce some good films. I have a plan to produce four films a year from my house.

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