Arrangements for announcement have also been made. A control room has been opened in each ward office in these areas and a main control room for CCC has also been opened in city’s Dampara area, he added.

“In light of past experience, necessary measures will be taken to evacuate people from the area through miking, depending on the meteorological department’s signal,” he added.

Cyclone Yaas was located 565 km southwest of Chattogram port, 490 km south of Mongla port and 485 km south-southwest of Payra port on Tuesday morning.

Within 64 km of the center of Yash, the continuous wind speed will 69 km per hour, which might increase to 118 km in the form of gusts and gusts of wind. The country’s seaports have been asked to issue two remote warning signals. All fishing boats and trawlers in the North Bay and the deep sea have been asked to remain in safe shelter until further notice.

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