On Friday, the US had launched a drone strike against an ISIS attack "planner" in eastern Afghanistan. This was in response to a suicide bombing at Kabul airport that killed 13 US troops and over 150 Afghan civilians.

Taliban's main spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid had also condemned an overnight US drone strike against ISIS.

Pentagon on Saturday had informed that two "high-profile ISIS targets" were killed during an airstrike in Afghanistan on Friday.

"I can confirm, as more information has come in, that two high-profile ISIS targets were killed, and one was wounded. And we know of zero civilian casualties," said US Major General Hank Taylor, deputy director of the joint staff for regional operations.

US media reports stated the ISIS-Khorasan planner of the Kabul blast, who was targeted in the US drone strike, was found in a compound in the Jalalabad area.

According to CNN, the individual who was targeted was known to the US but new intelligence following the Kabul attack was firmed up to give justification to target him.

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