Anurag Garg, Company Commander, Phasidewa BOP, BSF,176 battalion said, “They are running basic computer course and pre-recruitment training for the hundred boys and girls of border areas and the aim is to prepare them for CAPF recruitment and other competitive exams and also to refrain from illegal activities like cross border crime and drug smuggling.

“They are getting the response and will definitely enroll their names in the exams selection list in future”, he added.

“They are too much grateful to BSF for the training which will give a bright future. This will not only help them to make their lives secure also the national security through their informative support”, Pankaj Roy, a village youth.

Ganga Pradhan, another girl from the village said,” If they will get any kind of illegal activities along the International border, immediately inform BSF to take proper action against the border-related crimes”.

India shares 4,096 km with Bangladesh of which West Bengal shares 2216. North Bengal frontier shares 950km of which 110km is unfenced.

The main motto behind the training programme is to strengthen the relationship between BSF with local villagers. So that youths can help the forces to get any information related to the illegal activities along the Bangladesh-India border.