Trying to change them

Most men follow this rule in their minds, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, hence if you have committed to loving him forever and accepted him then there is nothing that can be gained out of trying to change things about them.

Be it his dressing sense, music taste or his friend circle, all these things are what he has been comfortable with throughout his life and trying to bring a change in that would be like trying to create chaos in his paradise.

Long phone conversations

Long talks over phone calls are fun when one is in the initial or as they say the honeymoon phase of their relationship. However, often some women don’t realise when the end of that phase approaches and that there’s no use in carrying on talking on the call for hours then.

Ideally, any normal conversation between two people, even if they are in love, should only last for 5-10 minutes unless there’s actually something important to talk about. Though men might not say but it’s a fact that they certainly don’t like hour-long phone conversations.

Power struggle

Unless a man is trying to compete, power struggles are often a big turn-off for most men because a woman earning more, being better looking or more educated is not really a subject of intimidation.

More frequently than people would admit, the reason behind a troublesome relationship or a breakup is the power-struggle dynamic between the couple.

Emotional manipulation

Emotions are a way to express what one is feeling inside and help the other person understand that. So it becomes a major turn off for men when these emotions are used as tools to manipulate their feelings.

Also, men are known to be not that good at interpreting signals which does not mean they can’t communicate. An honest way to go about caring for someone you love is by being forthright about the things you need.

Acting coy

After constantly receiving mixed signals, at times, most men are left flabbergasted. It confuses men when women act coy, rather than being all romantic and cute. It’s not to say that men can’t handle complexity but when it’s in regards to asking a woman out, for them, it drains downs to either yes or no.

So, even a subtle hint would go a long way for those women who want a guy to approach them because pretending not to care while also wanting him will only chase him away.

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