Chest pains in coronavirus patients

Chest pains in coronavirus patients

Most coronavirus patients have mild symptoms and easily recover with treatment at home. A coronavirus patient should always be alert despite having mild symptoms. Chest pains must be taken seriously as it is one of the signs of heart disease. Coronavirus patients may have lung infection as well as heart disease.

The novel virus may affect the cardiac muscles as well as the lungs. People with obesity, diabetes, heart, or kidney problems, or having suffered from brain stroke are prone to heart diseases. The elderly are at high risk too. Coronavirus patients may have a tendency of blood clotting in the veins and may have severe pain if blood clots in the veins of the lungs. Another complication is lack of oxygen in muscles and then the patient can suffer chest pains too. Stress, mental pressure, anxiety can cause such pain too.


If the heart is affected, the patient will feel pain in the middle of the chest. The pain would persist while he may have a burning or twisting sensation too. It may spread to the shoulders, back, chin, and left hand with breathing complications, palpitations, extreme fatigue, nausea and suffocation.

Chest pains must never be ignored. Consult your physician and get admission to hospital if required. Heartbeat will be irregular if cardiac muscles are affected. A physician must be consulted in such a case. People aged over 50, obese, diabetic, having cardiac or high blood pressure or kidney ailments and those who smoke must go to hospital as soon as there are any chest pains.

*Sharadindu Shekhar Roy, cardiology specialist.