*Coronavirus may spread from any infected person whether the infected one shows symptoms or not. Still some asymptomatic patients go out and mix with people spreading the virus. For this, it’s feared that asymptomatic ones spread the virus more than the symptomatic ones.

* In happy hypoxia condition, oxygen levels in blood may suddenly fall despite the patient not showing COVID symptoms. The patient does not feel the oxygen levels falling and go on with normal life. So asymptomatic patients too need to measure oxygen levels using pulse oximeter regularly.

* Older patients who have diabetes and/or heart diseases and use steroids should have some tests carried out according to the physician as primary precaution and take measures accordingly. Or else, they may face difficulties.

* One should not exert oneself despite being asymptomatic. Take rest, drink plenty of water and eat nutritious foods.

* Contact your nearest hospital as soon as you find oxygen levels falling, sudden vomiting, loose motion, chest or abdominal pain, extreme weakness and so on.

* Most infected persons with little or no symptoms do not require any drugs. One should not use any drugs without the physician’s advice or else his condition may get complicated.

*Rashedul Hassan, assistant professor of medicine at Green Life Medical College.

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