Monsoon moments at Hatirjheel

Nusrat Nowrin | Update:

Hatirjheel, the popular spot for recreation of the Dhaka dwellers, assumes different looks at different times. The monsoon leaves the sky with refreshing beauty that can be best captured from the location.

Either moonlit or not, night is generally attractive in the lake area. Gust of wind or heavy rainfall brings a different look. The enlivened greenery during the rainy season is a relief to the eye.

Flowers and birds along with colourful insects can be found in the area. The reflection of the sky at different times pleases the visitors coming to the area everyday.

Prothom Alo's Nusrat Nowrin captured beauty of the area at different moments recently.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinA myna perched on the electric cable just after a brief spell of rain is over. Behind the bamboo leaves clouds are seen to gather in the sky again for the next spell of rain. 

Photo: Nusrat NowrinBright purple jarul are soaked by the monsoon rain in Hatirjheel area. The lake is surrounded by various flower plants including jarul, krishnochura, kadam, hijol, cherry and so on.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinThe lady bugs have pecked on the leaves of the herb grown abundant in the area.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinThe bright blue aparajita blooms add to the beauty of the monsoon beauty in the area

Photo: Nusrat NowrinTwo boys run on the bridge on the water body during a heavy rainfall.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinThe sky is clear during the rainy season. A boat sails in the late, white clouds are seen above.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinThe evening star is seen on the sky above Hatirjheel on 11 July. The reflection of the lights in the buildings on the bank is in the water.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinA woman walks on the bridge on Hatirjheel after a heavy rainfall leaves a clear bright sky.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinFlowers are seen on a flyover in the area.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinClouds in the sky on a July morning.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinClouds gathered in the sky on a July afternoon.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinA bicycle kept against a tree by the lake.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinDusk is quite an attraction in Hatirjheel.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinWild flowers bloom by the lake.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinTwo men on the flyover as the moon just appeared in the sky in the evening.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinA boy falls off his bicycle in the excessive rain.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinSunset captured from the bank of Hatirjheel.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinThe authorities have planted different flower plants around the lake.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinAs the night falls, lights of different shades are lit across several bridges on the lake. Visitors love to see the colours changing from time to time.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinThe cafe on the lake, Cafe Jheel Meal, is generally crowded throughout the day. As it is morning, the restaurant is silent and empty.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinThe golden rays of the setting sun from behind the piles of cloud are seen reflected on the water.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinPeople enjoy bathing in the fresh monsoon rain on the bridge over the lake.

Photo: Nusrat NowrinA man sleeps under the shade of a tree in a hot day.

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