Not all pains signal breast cancer

Rafia Alam | Update:

A persistent pain or discomfort in the breasts can be caused for various reasons. Pain caused by a hormonal fluctuation is normal.

The persistent pain may start a few days before menstruation and last till the end of it.

Pains are common with the onset of adolescent period and during the first trimester.

The affliction can occur for being hit and due to infection, too. This is common for breastfeeding mothers also. The chief reasons include not feeding the child in an appropriate manner and not maintaining hygiene.

Birth control pills and some other medications also contribute to the condition.

Remember, pain is scarcely a symptom of breast cancer. But, take notice when it occurs at a certain point of any of the breasts and when it is not related to menstruation. Feeling a lump or bleeding is signs to worry about.

Cyst and cancer are not similar

There might be a persistent pain due to a cyst and this does not necessarily mean cancer. Many get affected by cysts at a young age. Consult your physician in such a case.

Normal pain

The pain occurring before and after menstruation is felt in both breasts and it occurs for hormonal flow. Your breasts will feel heavy. The pain can occur two weeks prior to menstruation and the severity gradually declines. Once the period is over, the pain is over too.

For infection, the skin will turn reddish and you will feel pain if touched on the area. Consult your physician fast if there is pus and abscess. Surgery may require treating this.

Do not take antibiotics on your own before the pus is cleaned or else the complications may worsen.

How to address pain

Avoid fat-rich diet, tea, and coffee and cigarette. You can take heat or cold therapy for a menstruation induced pain. You may consider wearing a tight fit-bra for one day and take paracetamol too.

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