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Give yourself a green tea facial

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FacialNo matter what skin colour you are, your skin should be flawless and dirt free. Not only does it make you beautiful, it is part of routine hygiene. Nowadays many working women find it hectic to go to the beauty salon regularly for even basic skincare. No worries, ladies! We can care for our skin at home with ingredients easily found in our kitchen.

Why to spend money at expensive salons if you can do the facial at home?

Green Tea. It is said that green tea is the healthiest antioxidant beverage on earth. It is popular for its use as a detox drink and has weight losing benefits. Apart from its health benefits, green tea can be used for skin care and as a beauty product as well.

In today’s skin care and beauty solution tips, we will introduce Green Tea Facial.

Upload your mobile phone with your favourite playlist, plug in your earphones and follow the steps below:
3 green tea bags, plain curd or yogurt, a medium size lemon, sugar, honey, gram flour or rice flour warm water

First Step:

Before any facial massage or treatment it is highly recommended that you clean your face. Proper cleansing makes you ready for next step of grooming.
• Wash your face gently with a mild face wash and pat it dry with a towel
• Take half cup of hot water, put a green tea bag in it to make an extract
• Take 1 spoonfull of yogurt and add 1-2 spoon of green tea extract to make a thick paste
• Apply the paste on your face and massage gently in circular motion with both hands for 8-10 minutes. You can use a face massager for this and massage for not more than 5 minutes in that case.

Second Step
Exfoliation is the most important segment in the process as it removes dead skin cells and makes the skin ready to breathe.
• Take one tablespoon of finely ground sugar (regular sugar grains may hurt or cut the skin, so it should be crushed), add half a tablespoon of lemon juice, half a tablespoon of green tea extract in it to make a scrub or defoliator.
• Take another tea bag and use the dry leaves in the scrub
• Scrub your face gently for 5-7 minutes. You can add a little bit honey in it
• Leave the ingredients on your face after scrubbing for another 5 minutes
Third Step
Take a ceramic bowl and fill with hot water and mix the leaves of another tea bag into the water. Covering your head with a towel and steam your face twice for two minutes each with a gap of 1 minute. Steaming opens the skin pores and helps to remove toxins and impurities that build up in the skin.
Fourth Step
Face Mask
• Take 1-2 spoons of tea extract, add half a spoon of honey with a spoon of gram flour. You can add rice flour instead if gram flour is not available
• You can add some sandalwood powder or Multani Mitti if handy
• Mix all the ingredients well and apply to your face leaving a circles around each eye and let it remain for 15 minutes
• You can put slices of potatoes or cucumber on your eyes
Rinse your face well once it is dry and towel dry your face. You can use plain rose water as a toner or use it mixing with green tea extract as well.
Apply some moisturiser on the face afterwards.
This facial treatment can be done twice in a month. It is a life saver!

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