Awaken the Compassionate Heart (ACH), a new global initiative on transforming the stigma related to mental and emotional wellness, is going to start its journey in Bangladesh through a live webinar on 19 September.

The event titled Awaken the Compassionate Heart Bangladesh (ACHB) would be hosted by Venier Wong, who is the global co-director of Love Peace Harmony Foundation (LPH), a nonprofit based out of Canada and USA, says a press release.

Comedian Farhana Muna and noted artiste Samir Obaid will join the webinar scheduled to start at 7:00pm.


North South University faculty member Looksina Khan, counselling psychologist Nuzhat Rahman, and Richee Kamaal, a final year student of psychology and community student leader from University of Toronto, are the three other panelists of the discussion.

ACHB is a joint collaboration between change-makers from Canada and Bangladesh.

People from across the world, particularly students from Bangladesh and Toronto will watch the talk as live audience on Zoom through free registration at the link here.

The live audience of the event would be given free access to join a few online workshops on mental and emotional wellness and other skill development that are currently only available to people in North America and Europe and valued upwards of 500 dollars. This rare opportunity would be made available to people from Bangladesh because of LPH’s strategic partnerships with other global organisations, the press statement says.


These online workshops would focus on different techniques of transforming anxiety, stress, fears, grief, trauma and other emotional issues - skills that are barely covered in educational institutions in Bangladesh.

The workshops would also focus on improving personal and professional relationships.