Law enforcing agencies keep rallies and meetings under surveillance for two reasons. Firstly, nobody from organisers can disrupt law and order situation and secondly, no incident can happen by any third party centering the programme. No such incident reportedly happened in the BNP rally in Bhola. When they tried to bring out a post-rally procession, police obstructed them and snatched their banner. So, BNP activists naturally became angry.

BNP leaders said they would finish the procession half a kilometre away from the Juba Dal office, but members of law enforcement agencies started baton-charging them instead of giving a permission. BNP activists also retaliated with hurling brick chips at police, triggering a clash between both sides. BNP activist Abdur Rahim Matabbar dies in firing and score others sustained injuries with several of them in critical condition.

Law enforcement agencies are trying to blame BNP entirely for the death of Swecchasebak Dal activist Abdur Rahim. The superintendent of police said BNP leaders and activists pointed guns at police, so police fired shots and tear shells in self-defence. So, the police official categorically admitted firing shots at BNP leaders and activists but the SP said it cannot be known before investigation that whose bullet hit Abdur Rahim.

It is not believable that leaders of the political party that cannot take to streets will hold rally and procession carrying arms. Since police are a party here, their investigation will not be acceptable, so a judicial investigation should be carried out.

Abdur Rahim who was killed in the clash was the lone working person in his family. He left behind his parents, wife and four children. His eldest son studies in class eight and the youngest son is only two. How will Abdur Rahim’s family survive now? We urged the government to give adequate financial assistance so that study of his children is not hampered.

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina assured BNP several days ago that the latter can hold the party programmes freely but overenthusiastic members of the law enforcing agency choose the path of clash in various places including Bhola and they are doing excess. This indiscretion o several members of law enforcement agencies are leading existing political conflict to clashes and that will not bring any benefit for country, people and even for the government.

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