Badal was brought back to Bangladesh in 2018, thanks to the effort of Indian human rights activists and the Bangladesh government. But now, even after serving the jail term, Badal is still behind the bars. His elderly father died waiting for Badal to be freed. Now his elderly mother waits for the end of Badal's jail life.

The murder that Badal was implicated in had taken place before he entered India. It is utterly surprising as to why the Indian court sentenced him in the first place and the Delhi High Court upheld the verdict. Indian authorities cannot shun their responsibility for this incident.

It was a positive move for the government to bring back Badal Farazi. Home minister Asaduzzaman Khan at that time said Badal Farazi would be freed as soon as extradited from India. The minister himself admitted that Badal is innocent. Yet questions as to why Badal had to serve the full jail term given by the Indian court and why he is still languishing in jail remain unresolved.

According to a Prothom Alo report, exchanging of letters started after Badal Farazi’s sentence was ended on 20 July. But it is still undecided when and how he would be freed. The government should immediately release Badal Farazi. It is expected that the crime and inhumanity that took place with him would come to an end soon.