Due to the silence of the university and hall administration, the violence of the leaders and workers of Chhatra League increased even more. Mohammad Munna Islam, a student of room 248 of Abdul Latif Hall, was the victim of their violence. In a written complaint lodged with the hall administration, he said, 10-15 people including Chhatra League Hall wing general secretary Shamim Hossain, vice-president Parvez, activist Touhid came and said, ‘Why did you come to this room? You must leave.” At one point he was abused.

His bedding was thrown on the porch outside the room. A member of Chhatra League grabbed him by the neck and kicked him out. He was punched in the back too. Later he stayed in the guest room of another hall. Many term this activity of Chhatra League as midnight violence. General students were scared after this incident. One of Munna’s teachers Kudrat-i-Jahan, reacted angrily, saying, "How can students be kicked out of the hall like this? Are there no rules? Those who are involved in this incident are not students, they are criminals.

But the university and the hall administration have turned a blind eye to these 'criminals'. This ruling party student body has full control on campus. In Munna’s case, the provost of Nawab Abdul Latif Hall seemed to also try to cover this up. He said that the victim student has been returned to his room and action will be taken against the accused subject to the recommendation of the inquiry committee.

Why did they remain silent when the BCL leaders and activists came and beat up a residential student in a hall at midnight? According to Prothom Alo, the administration has taken action against three BCL leaders and activists in connection with the incident.

Among them, BCL activist Taskif Al Touhid has been suspended and the general secretary and vice-president of the hall branch have been asked to leave the hall.

Temporary expulsion of students who had beaten and thrown another student out of the hall is nothing but a light punishment. As for the two who have been asked to leave the hall, neither of them is a student. Where real students can't stay in the hall, why does the hall administration display such hospitality towards outsiders? The third accused is not attached to this hall. So how did he stay in Nawab Abdul Latif Hall for so long? The hall administration must answer these questions.

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