In addition, all students above the age of 12 must be vaccinated with at least one dose to go to school. But there are students under 12 years of age in the same school. Will this partial measure be of any use to them? Besides, most of the students in the country have not been vaccinated yet.

According to the Directorate General of Health Services, there are 12 million students between the ages of 12 and 17. Of these, 4.5 million have been vaccinated with one dose. In that case, the programme is not likely to be successful.

How the decision will be implemented, who will do it, is not yet clear. Enforcing persons to be fully vaccinated to travel by air and train is not impossible. It will be difficult to implement such rules in case of restaurants and shopping malls. There are no instructions on visiting the kitchen markets. A large number of working and low income people who frequent the restaurants near highways and markets are not vaccinated.

The cabinet secretary said there would be a monitoring team in each town to monitor restaurants and shopping malls. As many shopping malls and restaurants as there are in Bangladesh, a huge number of manpower is required to supervise them. Who will provide this?

He also sought time for implement the drives. This means it will not begin right away. Nothing was said about the borders, land, air and seaports in the directives. Omicron has already spread in West Bengal. The Delta outbreak last year was mainly rampant over border areas. The government needs to increase its surveillance in this regard.

The government cannot just take random decisions. In line with the recommendations of the National Technical Committee, concerted action should be taken so that one ministry does not impose the responsibility of failure on another ministry, one department on another. Above all, the people need to be involved to get the maximum results of any programme. People do not mean ruling party people rather people of all classes and professions irrespective of party affiliation should be engaged in fighting the Covid-19 surge.

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