Where it is the responsibility of the state to protect the life and property of every citizen? What could be more unfortunate than the disappearance enforced by the members of law enforce agencies? While the government claims no incident of disappearance has occurred, it is its responsibility to find every missing person.

Enforced disappearance has been occurring for quite a years in the country. Not only during the tenure of Awami League, enforced disappearances also took place during the BNP rule. Our political leaders remain very vocal against enforced disappearance while in opposition. They turn a blind eye as soon as they ascend to the power. Why this double standard? The definition of human rights does not change as to the political identity of the ruling party. Any government must follow the standard of human rights recognised internationally.

It is a matter of deep concern that despite the continuous protests against the disappearance by the human rights organisations, rights groups and civil society inside and outside the country, there is no sign of improvement in the situation. The government's culture of denial is much responsible for this. Any crime can be controlled or prevented only when it is acknowledged and necessary steps are taken.

We notice three types of consequences in the case of forced disappearance. Some return three or six months after their disappearance, but did not say where or how they were. Some of them are shown arrested arrested and produced in court days after enforced disappearance. Then there are many who never came back. There is a culture of fear in the country.

Referring to a letter from the UN Human Rights Council Working Group on enforced disappearance, foreign minister MA Momen said the letter would be answered. He also made an unwarranted comment. He said about the UN body, "They take advantage when we pay them attention." The message he conveyed was very dangerous. The reality is that foreign agencies talk about the enforced disappearance as it has been happening time and again.

In that case, the government should come out of the culture of denial and take effective and sustainable steps to stop disappearances. If the government is so transparent, why aren't they allowing representatives of international organizations to investigate? There needs to be a fair, impartial and independent investigation into every involuntary disappearance.

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