According to a Prothom Alo report, an investigation report of the University Grants Commission (UGC) found irregularities and nepotism carried out by VC Shahidur Rahman Khan. He bent the rules to appoint his daughter as a teacher while the education ministry suspended the recruitment processes to directly appoint his wife as a professor. The probe report found the VC appointed his son, brother-in-law and four nephews in various posts. The VC himself admitted to the UGC probe committee that he did not do the right thing by recruiting relatives.

On the other hand, VC Rostom Ali, at a board meeting, proposed to finalise the recruitment and promotion of 102 teacher and officials at the end of his tenure. As the proposal met objection from several board members, the VC angrily suspended the meeting. Hearing this, teachers and officials expecting promotion confined the VC to his room. Other than this, VC Rostom Ali allegedly appointed his niece violating the rules.

Why do vice chancellors become so desperate on recruitment and promotion at the end of their tenure? Previously, former VC of Rajshahi University Abdus Sobhan appointed 42 people on the last day of his office, creating unwanted circumstances. Are the VCs’ relatives so incompetent that if they are not recruited to the university they would not get jobs anywhere else? The government has appointed the VCs for the smooth operation of the universities, not for the employment of their families. How many of the VCs are carrying out this duty properly? Most of the VCs at the public universities create one or another mishap at the end of their tenure. This not only tarnishes the image of the university but also hampers the educational activities of the students. Though the VC is the highest administrative post of the university, the VC still is a teacher. The VC, as a teacher, commands the respect of the students and that is very necessary to maintain.

Suspending the recruitment process of one certain post by the education ministry will not be enough. It is necessary to investigate the serious allegations against the VCs of the Khulna Agricultural University and the Pabna University of Science and Technology. The Pabna University VC had to leave the campus at the intervention of the local lawmaker after angry teachers and officials had kept him confined for several hours. That is a dishonour for any VC. The Khulna Agricultural University VC himself admitted to carrying out irregularities. So, he no longer holds the moral obligation reamin in his position.

The university runs on the people’s tax money. The university is not the inheritance of any VC or people holding any post that they can do whatever they want. Higher level investigations, if necessary, should be conducted on the allegations at these two universities and action should be taken against the people responsible.

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