The increase in the number of corona cases has sparked fear among the people. This is due to the rapid spread of new type of corona in different countries including neighbouring India. This has created a dangerous situation in Europe and America. Bangladesh is still in a tolerable state, but it will not be for long if we remain complacent.

In countries where coronavirus infections have increased suddenly, Omicron has also spread rapidly. Only after testing the genome sequence of infected people can it be known which variant of the Covid infected the body. This test has been done very rarely in Bangladesh, we do not have the capacity to carry out more tests.

In this situation, it is important to define the actions of the government and the people. The only way to prevent the spread of coronavirus is to follow hygiene rules and avoid crowds as much as possible. The authorities must force everyone to comply with the health rules in the places where people have to visit frequently for daily affairs. In this case, the government has a responsibility. This is not possible with law enforcement alone. The people have to be involved, especially local people's representatives, civil society and youth. As seen in the past, programmes that involve people are more successful.

The government has strengthened the vaccination programme, which is good news. Integrated immunisation programmes have also started with regular immunisation programmes. It will help more people get vaccines in short time. With that, the booster dose is also being given. According to Prothom Alo, 43 per cent of the total population of the country has received the first dose of Covid vaccines. But people from areas did not get vaccines equally as we can see16 districts are lagging behind in inoculation.

In this situation, the first duty of the government will be to strengthen the vaccination programme in the backward districts. The government claims that they have enough vaccines in stock. In that case, it is not difficult to inoculate all equally or to bring most of the people of the country under vaccination coverage.

At the same time, surveillance of land, airports and ports needs to be stepped up to prevent new variants from entering the country. Those who come from abroad will have to undergo corona tests and quarantine. Repeating the laxity in surveillance and tests at the time of the spread of the delta variant is unwarranted. Everybody must understand the fact that any negligence would result in a disastrous situation.

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