Despite the announcement to open the Padma Bridge to the public on Sunday morning, thousands of vehicles have been waiting at both ends since the previous night, with the largest number being motorcycles. As a result, as soon as the gate of the toll plaza was opened, the cars, buses, trucks and motorcycles rushed in. Despite the ban on passengers getting off on the bridge, many people got down there and took pictures and videos.

Meanwhile, the video of the two youth removing the bolts of the railing of the bridge spread on social media. One of them was later arrested in Dhaka. CID claims that it is not possible to unscrew the bolts of Padma Bridge with bare hand. The question is, then how did they do it? Did they have any tools with them? How could they do this so easily? Why didn't the people in charge of security stop them immediately?

There is no room to be lenient on the safety of an important installation like the Padma Bridge. The army has been given the responsibility of security of the Padma Bridge along with other important installations. But its overall management remains with the bridge authorities. The army will provide security there as the bridge department wants.

Although the chaos of the first day was taken as an expression of public excitement and emotion, according to the rules, there is no opportunity to park vehicles on the Padma Bridge, take pictures or make videos. If any law exists, there should be provision of punishment for breaking it. It transpired from the first day experience that the rules or laws could not be enforced properly. There had been nauseating incidents too, like urinating on the bridge.

Due to the awful pressure of motorcycles, the bridge department in charge of the management of the Padma Bridge has stopped the movement of motorcycles on the bridge indefinitely. Many people may have gathered on both sides of the bridge on motorbikes out of curiosity to see the Padma Bridge, but the ban has also put emergency motorbike commuters in trouble. Because the ferry was closed, they had no choice but to cross the bridge. We hope that this ban will be very temporary and it will be ensured that all vehicles can move on the Padma Bridge in compliance with the law.

We hope that the bridge authorities will not be lenient in ensuring proper safety and safe movement of vehicles on the Padma Bridge by controlling the overenthusiastic people.

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